The Biggest Loser: Special Edition – Engaged Couples

Charles was instrumental in taking me to the ultimate fitness level while I was on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser: Special Edition – Engaged Couples.” Charles was responsible for training me for four months prior to the finale. He took into account my goals, as well as working with what Bob Harper had planned for me while I was training at home in Portland. Charles took me from 240 pounds and 21% body fat down to 177 pounds, and 3% body fat! Charles is a very focused and goal oriented trainer, and he took the to concentrate on my needs. Charles is a LEAN MUSCLE MAKING MACHINE!!!”

— Edwin Chapman – Portland, OR – NBC’s “The Biggest Loser: Special Edition – Engaged Couples”

Koin 6 News Traffic Reporter

After years of working out at the gym and never seeing results, I realized I was probably wasting my time doing the wrong exercises. I always thought 30 minutes of cardio and a few weight machines would do the job, boy was I fooling myself. Then I met Charles and my life changed. I decided to break down and invest in a personal trainer. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made! I’m not healthy, 40 pounds lighter, and toned in all the right places. He taught me how to eat right and stay on track. He kept me motivated through the times I wanted to give up. His love and knowledge for personal fitness inspired me to earn my own personal training certification. To this day, I still traing with Charles to learn from him and to get some of the best workouts I’ve ever had.

— Carly Kennelly – Portland’s KOIN News 6 Traffic Reporter


Additional Testimonials

After 10 years of chasing calories with cardio and yoga, Charles helped me find the missing puzzle piece. Learning to properly lift weights along with finding my metabolic rate has taken my training to the next level. I now spend less time working out and have the tools to maintain or increase my fitness level whenever I desire. I am confident that Charles has educated me on how to maintain my progress until my August wedding and for the rest of my life!
— Cheryl Revell

Charles is very respectful and passionate about getting to the bottom/cause of my pain. Communicates very well during the massage to ensure pressure is appropriate and not too hard. Love the deep tissue work and pulling muscles away from bone technique.
— Bobbi

Good massage, Charles understood the muscle and tendon grid very well and can show you with his own body what he’s talking about.
— William

Charles identified the main triggers of my pain and worked on relaxing the shoulders to alleviate the back pain, he gave great feedback as we worked through the range of motion.
— Helen

Thank you Charles – glad we had a chance to do this, I was hoping we would get the opportunity. Appreciated your perspective and work to get my shoulders to lay back. Totally different than what I thought I needed to have worked on. Learned a new technique and fun to see the immediate results – I feel taller, my back feels more relaxed and my posture is improved. Great encouragement and communication. Hopefully we’ll have another opportunity to do some more work.”

— Tim, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)