Auto Accidents

Relieving auto accident related pain.

auto-accidentMany times, an injury that occurs after a car accident is simply the “straw that broke the camel’s back.” This means the damage occurred over tissue that was previously damaged, although the damage may have been asymptomatic and not exhibiting pain symptoms.

Another way car accident injuries can occur is through muscle spasms that cause lower back pain, neck pain, wrist pain, etc.. These spasms fire to guard your body in response to impact. And of course, there are direct impact traumas, which cause bruising, swelling, and even muscle tears, strains, and joint sprains. Receiving attention from a massage therapist and chiropractor as soon as possible after an auto accident can make the difference between pain and discomfort becoming chronic and pain that is resolved quickly, allowing you to get back to day to day activities.

Oregon Coverage

No cost pain relief for Oregon drivers.

oregonOregon car accident victims often don’t know that they are entitled to complete pain relief after-care. This care is covered by Oregon drivers’ car insurance policy, at no extra charge. Here’s why: every insured Oregonian already pays – as part of their insurance premium – a small amount towards their Personal Injury Protection (or PIP) coverage. This is mandatory in the state or Oregon. This means that regardless of the severity of an accident, who was at fault, or other conditions, a driver in an auto accident in Oregon can receive massage therapy, chiropractic, and other treatments. This coverage is geared toward relieving victims’ pain, at no additional cost. This process is very similar to Workman’s Comp, in that the providers (massage therapists, etc.) take care of billing your insurance for you. All you have to do is show up and receive care!

Another great aspect of the way Oregon has framed its car insurance laws ensures that your rates won’t go up by using your PIP coverage when you claim the benefits you’re entitled to after a car accident. Lastly, these benefits extend to up to a YEAR after an accident. So if you’ve been in a collision (or hit and run, or ran into a light pole, or any other situation where you’ve experienced pain from a motor vehicle accident), contact us for more information. We can guide you through the process of receiving the treatment you deserve and get you on the road to being pain-free.